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LabStandard® is the brand name that identifies the new line of chemical standards and certified reference materials (CRM) carried out in the laboratories of Lab.Instruments (Italy), in accordance with procedures of production and quality control accredited ISO Guide 34, ISO/IEC 17025, UNI EN ISO14000 e UNI EN ISO9001, with the purpose of facilitating the operations of instrumental calibration, add value to the analytical results and, at the same time, allow an important economic saving thus significantly reducing the consumption of solvents required in their preparation.

LabStandard® Kit & Mix, eliminate the need to prepare, measure individually, store, record, etc. etc.. individual standard and allow a quick check of the instrumental "tune" and MRM transitions; allow you to quickly update the variation of the retention times as well as facilitating the research for better selectivity and sensitivity in MSMS. Also, allow to calculate more frequently recoveries and reproducibility of the "sample preparation"; validate procedures and define the performance and add value to the analytical results and, at the same time, allow a significant savings that, in a logic of "Life Cycle Assessment "enables a reduction of 3000% of dangerous products released into the environment due to the preparation of the calibration solutions in individual laboratoriesLabStandard®

In QC's laboratories of Lab.Instruments, already accredited to ISO EN 17025, hundreds of checks are carried out on all LabStandard® products, using the most modern analytical techniques such as: GC, HPLC, UV, KF, EA, FTIR-NIR, XRF, NMR,  GCHRMS, LC-FTMS Orbitrap®(*), in order to certify the purity and, with it, the measurement uncertainty.

Among the LabStandard® products, are available over 600 different pesticides individuals or in mixtures to calibrate mass spectrometers, whether or GCMSn LCMSn with low or high resolution, sometimes even without unsealing the package of calibrating and no rehash of the same.

The LabStandard® products add value to the quality of the controls as they ensure referability and traceability of components, measuring tolerance, stability, consistency and completeness of product certification in accordance with ISO Guide 34, ISO / IEC 17025 and UNI EN ISO 14000 and ISO 9001 .

The line of LabStandard® products is in continuous expansion, and is composed of over 30 different mixtures containing from a minimun of 14 to a maximun 75 components available in different types of packaging (ampoules, vials, etc.) and prepared in different solvents.

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